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If you know me, you’ll know that I love boobs.  I love talking about them and I love pointing out the big ones.

I’ve always known that my sister is much more well-endowed than me in the chest area, but it isn’t until today that i realized I seriously got the crap end of the stick when it comes to genetics.

I had a dinner with my dad side relatives tonight, for Chinese New Year celebration, and boy was it obvious.  I am the only female member of the Lo family that is well under a C, “leaning far into” (dead center in) the A territory.

And you may think that sucks.. BUT WAIT!!

Today I also learned that I can completely forget to wear a bra and feel absolutely no different.  I literally did not realize until 5.5 hours of wandering around in public. Seriously, who does that?! 

The fact that I can do something ridiculous like that is shocking, even to myself - and I’ve known me for 22 years.

Nevertheless, it’s not so bad if your boobs are so small that it feels perfectly fine to walk around in public bra-less and all.  So in conclusion, I love boobs but am (sometimes) glad I don’t really have much.

jacks moobs

Excuse me Jack, did you forget your bra today too?